Cincinnati Charter Bus – Services Policy

All transportation charges should be paid before the successful completion of transfers. Any additional charge of 1.9% will be added to the original fee, for every additional day beyond the stipulated service period. These charges will be applied by 12 am according to the time zone of Cincinnati, Ohio.

All reservations are made in accordance with the order of requests, so clients are served on a “first come, first served” basis.

For every personal request made, Cincinnati Charter Bus will reply via Email. In the event of alteration of the transport arrangement, please ensure you contact us 8 hours before the original departure time, to accommodate and effect the changes.

All transfers made between 9pm and 6am will attract an additional fee.

For every additional stop made before getting to the destination, an additional fee +per mile(s).

Services on public holidays (Christmas, New year, Thanksgiving, Easter etc.) will incur an additional fee.

In the event of excessive wait times that exceed 15 minutes, an hourly charge will be incurred, due to other reservations which may have been scheduled.

Sales tax will apply to all transfers within State of Ohio and State of Kentucky


For all scheduled reservations, a minimum of 45+ Days notice prior to the scheduled time, is required to cancel the reservations. If the notice is shorter than 45 days 50% of the Fare will be forfeited and if its less than 15 days 100% of the Fare will be forfeited, full rate of the original schedule will apply For Cancellations. Any desired alteration to reservation time within this time frame can be accomplished by calling 513-617-3980, we will ensure we do our best to accommodate the changes provided it does not affect other scheduled reservations.

Once you’ve made a reservation, there will be no need for any sort of reminder, whether by phone or by mail. Our driver will be at the scheduled pick up point. In the event of heavy traffic or any delay, you will be contacted ahead of time through the phone number you dropped with us in your request form.

Similarly, for airport pickups, our professional drivers always monitor the flight schedules and will be at the airport to pick you up, so there will be no need for confirmation or reminder.

We are dedicated to building strong long-term relationships with all our esteemed clients, so we always ensure we provide excellent service and neat vehicles (in excellent working condition) to all our clients.

Thanks for booking with Cincinnati Charter Bus, we look forward to adding you to our book of highly respected clients.


Cincinnati Charter Bus, Vehicle-Limousine/Charter Policy

Please review, print, sign, date and return to email- (Please be advised that “We” in the following contract refers to (Cincinnati Charter Bus. Vehicle refers to Sedans, SUVS, Vans, Buses, Limousines, Charter Buses.)  Please sign and return back to us within 7 days to guarantee reservation and date and vehicle.

**All special event transportation i.e. Super bowl, Kentucky Derby, Keeneland, Prom are totally non-refundable and non-transferable unless canceled 45+ days prior to the date of service**. If canceled within the 45 days full balance due with no refunds. All retainers (1-14 pass $250.00, 15-55pass $500.00) are non-refundable, but are transferable for up to 6 months, after 6 months the retainer will be forfeited. If paid in full, all monies paid, minus the retainer will be refunded, if canceled 45 to 15 days prior to your scheduled charter. Cancellations must be done in writing 15 days prior to your scheduled charter. If cancelation occurs before the 45 day prior period then only the deposit will be non-refundable. If cancellation occurs within less than a 45 day period then 50% of the scheduled fare will be due, if paid 50% of the scheduled fare will be refunded. If cancellation occurs within a 15 day prior period then no refunds will be granted and you will be charged 100% of the Scheduled Trip. You, the client, accept full liability for all damage(s) done to any vehicle you book such as a Vehicle with us, Charter Bus, done by yourself or your party during your charter.  There are no downgrades allowed once reserved in certain size or style vehicles- limousines or buses. You are also not allowed to subtract hours, but you may add hours only in hourly increments. You understand that your vehicle has been inspected prior to your charter and found to be of sound condition and all equipment is in operable order.  You have the right to request an inspection prior to or at the conclusion of your charter, If inspections are not requested then any complaints related to the vehicle are void. All of our limousines are non-smoking. If smoking occurs in our limousine the charter may be terminated and no refund will be issued. If evidence of smoking is found a $500 excessive cleaning fee per occurrence will be assessed due to breach of contract. A $1000 fee will also be assessed for each cigarette burn found. There is no eating in our limousines. A $250 excessive cleaning fee will be assessed per occurrence if evidence of food is found, (i.e. crushed crumbs, gum, etc.) as well as any unattended to drink spillage. There is a $250.00 clean up fee for motion sickness. A $500.00 fee will be assessed for each broken or missing glass. If the charter runs over the scheduled end time, an additional hour will be assessed and payment is due – at the beginning of that hour and every hour thereafter or will be placed on a credit card on file if it is not on file you will be sent an Invoice for it. Rates are in hour increments (minimum). Your Vehicle may be scheduled for another charter at the end of yours, thus making your vehicle unavailable for any additional hours for you. If your charter interferes with another charter causing our service to be late, then you will be held responsible for the monetary refund if applicable to the waiting party. The chance of making other arrangements in your favor will increase the earlier you make your chauffeur aware. Your overtime rate per hour will be $250.00 +tax and fuel (1-14 passengers) or $300+tax and fuel (FOR SOME 15-55 passengers) EXECUTIVE CHARTER SERVICES WILL HAVE AN OVERTIME RATE OF $400 +TAX,FUEL  & DRIVER GRATUITY and will commence 15 minutes after original scheduled drop-off time. We are not responsible for any articles left in the vehicle during or after your charter. If you leave articles in our vehicle and want to retrieve it you will be responsible for payment for recouping it (Shipment of the article).  In the sole judgment of the chauffeur, if the chauffeur determines that the behavior of you or your guests for any reason is out of control, unsafe, illegal, dangerous, belligerent, racist or irresponsible to lives and property, he/she can terminate the charter immediately. He/she may or may not issue a warning before taking action. No refund will be issued of any kind. NO WEAPONS of any kind are permitted in our vehicles with or without permits.  We reserve the right to refuse service when deemed necessary. Our chauffeur reserves the right to refuse travel on certain roads due to length, safety or any other reason.The chauffeur may decide the waiting area is unsafe and will determine a better area. It will be your responsibility to contact your driver for pickup. Do not ask the chauffeur to do anything that will require he/she to leave the vehicle. Our vehicles are never left unattended. Alcohol will not be consumed by any passenger under the age of 21. If this is found, the charter may be terminated immediately with assistance from law enforcement, and no refund will be given. We are not permitted to provide any alcoholic beverage to our clients, even those of legal age. Possession or use of illegal drugs is prohibited in any of our limousines. If drugs are observed, your charter will be terminated with the assistance from law enforcement, and no refund will be granted. We request that you call and confirm the times and addresses 48 hours before your charter. If confirmation is not made we are not responsible for errors associated with your charter. Please be advised to provide us with detailed directions along with a scheduled itinerary. If you need to give verbal directions, give the driver plenty of notice for turns and stops. It can be very difficult to back up our larger vehicles. We respectfully request that you make us aware of any construction, traffic, road conditions or any known accidents we may encounter the day of your charter that you may be aware of because we hold no liability for traffic, road conditions, construction or any other road obstacles that may extend our contract time. Since we allow our customers a 15 minute grace period, we also reserve the same for our pickup location times. Please plan accordingly. For your protection you may be monitored during your charter by our surveillance cameras. This signed contract is your authorization/ permission to be monitored. Should your contracted rental vehicle have unforeseen mechanical problems on your day of service we will attempt to provide you other means of transportation. Should this happen, we reserve the right to upgrade your charter at no additional cost to you to be able to continue with your requested charter.  There will be no refunds of any kind when we provide contracted service in an upgraded vehicle.  In the event that we fail to arrive for your charter all monies paid will be refunded in full and the client agrees that this refund shall be the full extent of all monies entitled to, and that no additional payment or compensation will be sought. We shall not be held liable for damage or harm, to property or person(s), unless such is caused by the intentional gross negligence on the part of the chauffeur. Do not overload the Vehicle(s). Our seating capacity is based on the “average” size person per federal regulations. Please be advised that if passengers are larger than the “average” person, then for safety reasons your number of passengers may be decreased. You agree that our company and anyone associated with the charter/service hold no liability for your actions during or after the conclusion of your charter. You agree to be solely responsible for actions, decisions and judgments made and exercised during and after the conclusion of your charter. Please be advised that we may not be able to make any changes to times or destinations once the charter is retained due to schedule conflicts. Please be aware that if you shorten your charter time, there are no refunds for unused time. If you request the vehicle to arrive early and or remain later than originally booked times, you will be charged for the additional time. Rates charged will be dependent upon specific times and vehicle rates. If changes are able to be made, an additional $10.00 booking fee will be assessed for each change made to the original contract. Use of Affiliated Companies and Subcontractors. In connection with the services to be provided by Manager under this Agreement, Manager may, to the extent it deems appropriate, and subject to compliance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, make use of (i) its affiliated companies and their directors, trustees, officers, and employees and (ii) subcontractors selected by Manager, provided that Manager shall supervise and remain fully responsible for the services of all such third parties in accordance with and to the extent provided by this Agreement. All costs and expenses associated with services provided by any such third parties shall be borne by Manager or such parties. The violation or cancellation of any provision(s) within this agreement shall not affect the validity of any other provision(s). All terms and provisions shall be held enforceable as per Ohio state law. There are no refunds for vehicles on days with temperatures of 80 degrees or higher or for electronics malfunctions. We shall not be held liable for non performance due to unavoidable or unforeseen conditions, such as acts of God, nature, adverse weather, traffic accidents, terrorism, power outages, vehicle/ mechanical failure or any conditions that are beyond the control of the company, or the chauffeur. All other requests for refunds must be done in writing and shall be granted solely at the discretion of the charter service (Cincinnati Charter Bus). By signing this Agreement, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you have carefully read this Agreement and fully understand what it means.

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Once you have put your deposit down it is non-refundable and payment is due 90 days prior to the date of service. If cancelation occurs before the 30 day prior period then only the deposit will be non-refundable. If cancellation occurs within less than a 30 day period then 50% of the scheduled fare will be due, if paid 50% of the scheduled fare will be refunded. If cancellation occurs within a 15 day prior period then no refunds will be granted and you will be charged 100% of the Scheduled Trip. If cancellation occurs 15+ Days, All monies can be used towards another service with us for up to 6 months if a cancellation occurs. Thank you.

***All special event transportation i.e. super bowl, Kentucky derby, prom are totally non-refundable and non-transferable unless canceled 30 days prior to the date of service.***

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